Sprinkler System Winterization

Prepare for the winter to protect your irrigation system

Cold winter months are approaching quickly. If not properly winterized your sprinklers could be in serious danger! Sprinkler systems that are not prepped for freezing winter weather are susceptible to breakage and bursting. so make winterizing your sprinklers a priority this fall. Veek’s Landscaping can help shut down your sprinklers properly. Our sprinkler winterization technicians will assist with all of your sprinkler winterization needs, from sprinkler blowouts to sprinkler repair and more. Please call Veek’s Landscaping at 541-280-2297 today to schedule your sprinkler system blow out and winterization service.

Is your sprinkler system ready for winter?

Don’t let winter sneak up on you. Let Veek’s Landscaping winterize your system so it’s ready for you in the spring.

sprinkler-water-valvesOur sprinkler winterization (blowout) service includes:

  • Shutting off water supply
  • Blow out system with our regulated air compressor to ensure proper pressure
  • Run through each individual zone completely forcing out all the residual water in the main lines and lateral lines
  • Drain the water supply