Snow Removal and Ice Management

Keep your driveways and sidewalks clean and safe this winter

The city of Bend requires that your sidewalks be cleared of all snow within six hours of snowfall. Our snow crews are on call 24/7 and as soon as two inches of snow is accumulated our crews are on the job. Ice melt will be applied to all icy areas that require it.

Read the City of Bend requirements here

Don't you just love shoveling ice and snow?

No?  Grab a warm drink and let Veeks Landscaping handle all of your snow removal and ice management.

veeks-landscaping-snow-removal-1Our snow removal services include:

  1. 24 Hour Service
  2. Shoveling driveways and walkways
  3. Proper distribution of ice melt when needed
  4. Parking lot plowing
  5. Snow hauling