Sprinkler system installation and repairs

A properly designed and installed irrigation system is a convenient, and efficient, way to ensure your lawn receives the maximum benefits with minimal water waste. Our irrigation technicians know and understand Central Oregon’s climate and how that can impact a system’s design and efficiency. Your lawn’s health, soil type, density, and landscape layout are all factors that we take into consideration.

Veek’s Landscaping designs, installs, and maintains irrigation systems with expertise, providing solutions that are both economic and sustainable. Our expert technicians are also here to handle any problems that you may have with your sprinkler system including: broken sprinkler heads, broken pipes, stuck valves, incorrect timing and more.

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Save Water and Money

veeks-landscaping-sprinkler-2The irrigation experts at Veek’s Landscaping can help you manage water costs by efficiently managing your system to reduce water usage while still maintaining the health of your landscape.

We can design and install an irrigation system from scratch, or evaluate your current system to find inefficiencies. Then we put together a plan to reduce water waste. Our Irrigation Technicians can monitor and make timely adjustments to your irrigation programs for maximum efficiency. We’re always on call to handle emergencies and make necessary repairs.

We are committed to creating landscapes which are both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.  We want you to have a beautiful, healthy lawn while conserving as much water, and money, as you can.