Lawn Dethatching

Are your grass roots getting all the air and water they need?

Dethatching simply means the removal of thatch which can choke the lawns root system from getting the proper amount of air and water it needs to grow. Our crews will run your irrigation system, flagging necessary sprinklers, then rake and blowing off debris around perimeter of lawn to finish the service call.

Do you know the proper way to Dethatch your lawn?

We do! Call Veeks Landscaping today and have one of our professional technicians do the dethatching for a healthy, great looking lawn.

Why Dethatching Helps Keep Your Lawn Healthy

veeks-landscaping-dethatching-2With the dry summers we have in Central Oregon, it’s important that all of the water your sprinkler system sprays on the lawn can actually reach the roots and doesn’t get absorbed by the layer of thatch.  Proper dethatching encourages new growth at the very bottom of grass stems.  It restores the ability of the lawn to breathe and absorb water and also encourages new shoots to grow. The result is a better looking, healthier lawn that is easier to maintain. Using specialized power raking equipment, we can remove excess thatch. Improper use of power raking equipment can actually damage your lawn, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.