Promotes healthier and more vibrant lawns

Aeration is a vital element to a healthy lawn. Removing small plugs out of the lawn allows air and water to penetrate the built up grass and lawn thatch. This creates a healthier and more vibrant lawn by reducing soil compaction and allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the roots.


Benefits of Aerating:

  • Increases soil water intake
  • Improves drought stress tolerance
  • Helps resiliency and cushioning and stronger turfgrass roots
  • Helps thatch breakdown

When was the last time you aerated your lawn?

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veeks-lawn-aeration-2When is the best time to aerate your lawn:

Both spring and fall are ideal times to aerate. In spring, its best to aerate between March and May. In fall, its best to aerate between August and November. In general, most lawns benefit from yearly aeration, however, heavily used lawns or ones growing on heavy clay or subsoils will need more than one aeration each year.